Saturday, February 3, 2007

Is it too FREAKIN cold to run 15 miles?

10 degrees, 25 mile SW wind..... Huh, oh feels like (gulp) TEN BELOW!

Ok, so I got the run in. Wasn't happy about going out there, but I did it. I contemplated splitting the run into 2 halves running the second one later in the day. Once I was out there though I realized that there was no way in hell I'd make it out the door to do it again and figured I'd better stick it out and get the miles in.

Wore a full length sport bra, 3 tech shirts a shell jacket, tights and "jogging pants" (for lack of a better term). One size fits all gloves with mittens over them. A head band and a wool hat (head band under pony hat over to keep the ears covered with the swinging tail) and a turtle fur which doubled as a face gaurd when running directly into the windDrank PLENTY of fluids, 1 full 16.9 oz water and a good 12 oz of gatorade.

Feeling ok so far. Afterward I did the cold water bath for 6 mins followed by a hot tub followed by a hot shower followed by more gatorade and chili.

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