Saturday, June 23, 2007

Twisted My Knee

Thursday: UGH! I twisted my knee at work. Funny how you can do something a thousand times and never have a problem then one day.... bam. I must have picked up oil off that newly tarred resurfacing project because when I got up out of the seat to make my next delivery my foot slipped and the knee twisted. Like most things it happened so fast it's hard to recreate in my mind exactly my positioning. The twisting produced a snapping/popping sensation. Not something I'd like to feel in my knee.

Friday: The Boss had me stay in the office and do paper work and the HABITS stuff and all. I didn't want to take the day off work since I just took last Friday off for the Mohican. It hurt pretty bad when I got up in the morning. Sitting around in the chair in the office seemed to almost aggitate it more than being up on it. The pain was sort of a quick jab toward the lower inner knee. Of course all day it would hurt like a bear if I turned it. Seems kind of goofy that it would feel better when walking on it than when not. (??)

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