Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekly Recap?

The Garden: I'm getting doubtful that my self watering plants are going to work for the herbs. They don't seem to be doing to much in the way of growth plus I was just reading that generally herbs don't like to sit in water and actually prefer sparse watering. Of course the soil in the self watering planters I made is constantly wet. I planted a few rows of herbs in the garden bed last weekend and I believe I'm seeing a couple little seedlings emerging. I wonder how many got washed away by that huge storm on Wednesday. Something decided to sample a couple tomatoes and obviously didn't like them.... Grrr; maybe I should put up some chicken wire type something.

The Roof: Speaking of water soaked things we are still awaiting a roofer, ANY ROOFER, to call us back regarding our smashed tiles. Yes, that's right DH got up there and messed around for a few minutes before declaring the tiles to be "too slippery". I must admit it would have been nice if he could have done the repairs himself since it would have saved us some big bucks, but then again they idea of him being up there was quite unsettling.

The Brown Truck: Another exciting day of bashing happened on Tuesday. No the verbal kind the actual bashing. I got walloped with a wall of plastic totes that were leaning forward as I pulled a package I needed off the top of them. Yes, I realize now that standing in front of them while retrieving the package was a bad idea. Anyway, I got a little scraped up when most of the impact hit both knees. Yikes! My poor right knee. Now I also have a sore wrist from it being bent backwards from trying to "save" myself. I really feel like I was tackled.

Fireworks at my Bro's: Always a good time even though we all agreed the fireworks display was pretty weak this year. It always fun to get together with db and his family since we really don't do it often enough. I suppose if I made more of an effort to come over and be a part of their lives, but it's not easy.... seems I'm always busy. I do wish though that I were informed about special things like recitals, concerts, special softball games and such. They will be getting much busier come January when my not even 16 year old niece pops out a baby. A BABY?!?! She's way too young. Then again my s-in-law only 16 when she had her. Fortunately things worked out well. It's moments like that that I'm not missing not have children. For me that means I get to knit a baby item. I'm thinking a blanket... they always seem to be appreciated.

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