Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

Ahhh, the 4th of July holiday. A day from work. Time to relax and just enjoy the day. Of course my idea of relaxing and other's seems to be quite different. DH and I were going to try some golf today, but considering my twisted knee I've decided that's not a good idea besides there is rain in the area which would not lead to a great golf day.

I went to the clinic yesterday and she couldn't detect anything wrong with the ligaments. I must say though that Tuesday morning it felt much better than on Monday. I wonder if it's really hurt or if I just need to give it more time to recover... but from what? The Dr. gave me a soft brace thing, 800 mg of IBU to be taken 3x daily, and some knee exercises. Ironically enough while I was at the clinic for the knee I received an award of a work logo hat because they picked my "safety tip" from Monday's contest.

Out in the garden I've discovered that the birds are relentless at pecking at my tomatoes. I recall last year putting plastic bag pieces around the toms as they grew which worked quite well. Googling has inspired me with other ideas such as a fake owl and even fake snakes in the garden. Then again I could build a netting structure, but then it's hard to get to the plants. The herbs I sowed directly into the ground haven't done much yet and the ones in the self watering planter are disappointing.

My propagation experiment seems to be going ok. And it looks like the ivy wreath has dried a bit. I thought it would be fun to have the neighbor kids over to make their own wreaths. Plus I really have to get hacking at that ivy before it becomes a real problem and gets too high up into the maples that are nearby.

I'm working on a dog jacket right now for my gf ME and the stupid dishcloth is finally getting done after pulling out the duplicate stitching for the letters a multitude of times. I'll post more on the dog jacket as it comes along.

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