Monday, December 10, 2007

Blisters in the Snow

My toes have been feeling funny. In fact earlier this week I stopped to re-adjust my socks thinking they were bunching up and rubbing my toes funny giving me a feeling like they were creating blisters.

Last night I got in the hot tub with DH and HOLY CRAP when that hot water hit my feet I about jumped out of my skin. DH takes one look at my now purpley/gray little digits and claims "You have frostbite." Huh? Frostbite? Ummm... never had that before. So I go into work this morning and tell em I think I have frostbite and call it in as an "injury". It was the usual questions from the lady taking the call at Liberty Mutual; "approximately when did it occur," "did anybody see it happen". If only the world were that black and white.

So I go to the clinic that evening to see just how badly I've frost bitten my toesies. Seems they aren't worried, but advise me to stay out of freezing tempertures; other than that there's nothing they can do. Hmm. You do realize it's the beginning of February and I'm a work outside don't you? Egads. The ONLY good thing here is that I'm leaving for Florida in the morning! Yeah!

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