Saturday, January 12, 2008

Glittens - The Stitches and the Pattern

So I've figured it out! I think I was doing the weaving wrong. Something didn't quite look right on the inside so I carefully watched that video again on weaving and think I got it. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong....

Basically it's when knitting more than 2 stitches from the right hand more than two stitches the first stitch is regular then it alternates with the woven stitch. I'm still not sure if it's 2 plus more or just more than 2, but I'll keep an eye on those stitches in the back and see if one makes more sense than the other.

For the LEFT hand anything more than 1 stitch needs to be a "pretend stitch" but again the first stitch on the left hand is a regular stitch. I was doing them all as "pretend" stitches.

You'll have to watch the video link above to know what a pretend stitch and woven stitch are. Are there actually real names for those stitch maneuvers?

Ok, I just frogged back to my life line and I'm going to start again with the color change. See, now you know why I put that in there?

The pattern for the top side of the glitten is on the right. The palm pattern I'm using is the one that was posted online. (see glitten pattern link)

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