Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ready, Set, GO.... 2008! Some friends of mine went to Bookies Tavern for new year's for some drinking debauchery. It was a pretty good night I guess. I'm still not sure how happy I am about that "youngster" saying I was not only a "cougar" but my lack of children made me, quote; "A cougar and a half". Oh my. Should I be happy about this? So I guess it was a compliment, but sucks because I'm OLD! We attempted to play darts which didn't get much further than putting money in the machine because the house darts were a mess with most tips missing and a couple others with just nubs that surely wouldn't stick. We later learned that it was probably Katie that took the darts home on a previous night out at Bookies. How Ironic. Anyway, I could have done without the shots because they just get me too wasted so knowing that anymore alcohol would only make me puke, I went out to Lance's car just to chill at about 3am (bar serving until 4 today). We of course crashed at Katie's and I discovered the next morning that Anna picked up a stray named Joe who apparently had a fit when he found Anna comfy crashed with Lance in the downstairs bedroom. Joe punted the Jenga game that Dimitri was drunkenly trying to stack across the room. It's sort of a morning after game where we fill everyone in about what they did that night. We had a very slowly served 4PM breakfast at Big Boy. Ah nothing like starting off the first day of the new year with breakfast while the sun goes down.

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