Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good thing it's not the Tin Man

My sewing project is coming along slowly which is mostly due to my puttering and researching and fiddling around. No I'm in no hurry to complete this project! I do however have all the pieces cut and everything is ready to be assembled and sewn. Which of course led me to another project... the sewing machine itself. Other than telling me "Do not put oil on the bobbin case" my manual says zilch about maintanance oiling and I cannot for the life of me find any information on the net about oiling my machine. I know I've looked before and have done a little bit of oiling, but this time I was on a mission. So I searched and searched and looked and reworded my search and still nothing! NOTHING. How can there be nothing? There's an entire world out there that sews; don't any of them oil their machine? I mean I could take it to Jo-Ann's once or twice a year and for $35 a pop they'd be happy to squirt some oil in there. No thanks. After finally sending an email to the folks at Brother, I left my desk and tried not to have a tail between my legs demeanor and set in to oil the darn thing one way or another. It actually didn't go too badly. Mmm, so I didn't actually take off the case, but I got everything that was accessible through every opening. I think the hardest part is really looking for the moving parts and strategically getting the oil to the spot which, I might add is much easier with an extending oil spout! So after much determination my machine is, um, properly oiled? Guess I'll never know!

So just in case someone else is out there Googling like mad and this post makes its way into a search engine I searched for: How do I oil my Brother EX660 EX-660 oil a sewing machine where do I oil instructions manual how to help.

So to oil it like I did you'll need to get a flashlight, sewing machine oil with the extending spout and a screwdriver and have at it. Just use a little bit of oil, don't drench it and remember... no oil on the bobbin case!

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