Saturday, April 19, 2008

When the cat's away the mouse will.... work?

DH and most of the running group left this morning for Boston for Monday's marathon. While I do like some space to myself four days is a long time for me to be at home and him to be away. Ahh, I see a problem here; I never have a problem taking off for 2 weeks to visit my brother in FL, but here as day 1 that DH has been gone I find myself missing him somewhat. Oh sure I filled my day.

I started today with some sewing but left that project unfinished because I want that final fit before I hem up the leg openings and secure the elastic to the correct size and I need DH for that! Then I got the wild hair to work on the bathroom I got the ceiling tile about as de-funked as it will get without some serious chemicals (not on hand), washed down the walls, scoured the sink the toilet and the tub; changed out the plastic curtain liner and washed the curtains, painted the gasket things on the feet of the radiator and washed the cover for that; pulled out the runner and put some of that rug backing stuff on the far ends. I've decided that the board that covers the radiator really needs to be a different shape and that I need to make a "fitted" radiator cover that will go over the board/shelf. See, I already have more projects for tomorrow. I worked on the darn eggs again; seriously, I'm wasting anymore time on them.... after I finish the one I'm working on. I changed the sheets on the bed. So you're thinking, "big deal!" Oh it is though 'cause DH usually does that. I started a new knitting project and went to the Y to swim and shower. I tried out my new toy which is a waterproof Ipod case for swimming and it is too sweet! I seriously have no idea how many laps I did (not quite 2o I think) because I was just listening and swimming. I was bummed at first because I forgot to bring the arm and waist bands that hold the case, but I wound up clipping it to the back of my swimsuit and that worked just fine. Click the picture below for a link to the H2O website. My purchase was made through; I must warn though that they messed up twice but were happy to resolve the problem and didn't resist at all when I demanded Next Day Service after the second screw up. OMG, would you believe that when I went to find the picture to post here I found another shuffle case by H2O that fits right on the headset?! I might have to do an exchange!

I should include a knee update since I did just see my OS on Wednesday. He suggested another 6 weeks; I don't think it will take that long though. I hope I can stay out of work until the 1st then I might only have like a week of TAW before returning to my regular job/job. So why not return now? It's sucks to squat down on it. I'm getting better at it though and I can tell that I can stay in a squatted position for a little longer each time. Of course this not a maneuver that I'm trying out all the time, but there are incidents like today at the hardware store when I dumped the little bin of O-rings all over the floor and it was a lower bin and then there was trying to get down to look at the de-humidifier in the basement; I could not succeed at the later and wound up lifting the de-humidifier onto a higher surface so I could see into it. How long will it take? Heck if I know. Maybe 2 weeks, but maybe 4. I'm progressing well, but I can't see into the future!

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