Monday, April 7, 2008

WOW, my running buddies did really well at the Martian. Well, Dave didn't finish because of some sort of leg problem, but he was doing well.

Katie took 3rd overall female though she led the females into the last few miles only to be passed by an all star on a training run and another superb U of M runner. She set a new personal record though and squashed her previous 1/2 time by over 3 minutes! Holy crap... see what a little sleep will do for you!

Mark took 1st in his age group! WOW! Very nice! I was surprised when I saw him come by at about the 10 mile mark and he was in 5th! Nice time Mark! And a new PR too! I'm sure the shoes will come in handy. :)

Lance beat out Ken in the last mile and came near his PR time. Imagine what kind of time you'd gotten if you hadn't roller bladed 20 miles and biked 25 the day before the race. hey and you never know 5 beer and bratwursts at 10PM might just be the magic you need!

Ken ran a very respectable race coming in a little after Lance; sorry I don't know all his stats. He looked unfaltered out there on the course. This was Anna's 2nd 1/2 marathon and she did set a PR although we all know she can run faster ;P.

You all did fantastic!

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