Friday, May 9, 2008

OMG am I really getting better?

First off let me just say it was a beautiful Monday and I'm very glad to see Spring is here. I just love springtime when the grass is so green the tulips have popped in mass arrangements and there is that interesting collection of trees in full bloom, trees that have totally leafed out while other slower budding trees at an interesting contract with their still bare branches full of little buds. Deep breath, ahhhhhh.

It was a busy day for me and included way more activities than I've been able to do in I don't know how long. I started out with PT which went ok. Scott asked me about squatting and I told him it was getting easier. He then had me do single leg squats while holding onto a rail. I did the left one ok, but could barely lift myself with the right. Eeeek. I'm that weak? He wanted to test the abductors and adductors so I climbed on the bench and he did a face down passive test of the adductors. YOWIE! Major pain, major weakness. I told Scott this was the same movement that would send me flying off the table during PT in September. This has definitely Scott miffed. He gave me a exercise to do and hopefully it strengthens the area, but he also said that muscle weakness generally doesn't lead to pain like that rather a tear does. Hmm, could I have a tear in the external rotators too?

After PT I went to the Y and swam about 18 laps. I can never keep track. Then showered and went upstairs and in addition to doing chest and shoulders I did some leg work for the first time in like forever. I did both "Jane Fonda's", the machines that spread your legs and one you pull your legs together and the other you open them. This was, OMG, pain free? How could this be?! Elated, I moved over to the leg press and did double leg then single leg presses. The right leg of course was ridiculously weak, but I pushed through it and did 10 reps; I was using the lightest weight on the machine. I then did some leg curls with really light weight for the hamstrings and that went well. At home I planted the experimental plants into the garden area which went ok, but I did have quite a bit of knee pain from squatting for extended periods of time. After that I dug up some dandelions then cut the grass! My yard is a mess from not being able to clean up in the fall. So after that I did a set of the new exercised Scott gave me and soon after headed off to pilates. Pilates was almost pain free! There was really only one move that caused some pain, but those aren't that easy and really use the hip rotators with your whole leg weight.
I'm truly ecstatic that my condition is improving! Can you tell?

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