Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crawl Space before insulating

Since the dog house was being torn down I decided we should use the valuable materials and insulate the crawl space...

This looks "good" even at this stage. When I first went in there I cleaned out lots of wood planks, carpet pieces and even rat carcasses... gross. This is after I removed the falling apart insulation from the wood outer walls. 2 walls are wood which we had a rat wall poured and had it bricked in many years ago. The other walls are brick and the floor is dirt.

Crawl Space after insulating

You can see the new insulation to the 2 exterior walls of the crawl space under the kitchen. Over the dirt floor is 6mil plastic then insulation then plywood was laid as a top layer to make a stable surface to crawl in the future. The plywood edges have been duct taped to prevent pinching as the plywood does move due to the insulation under it. I did stuff some insulation up into 2 large holes that were made for a cast iron pipe (no longer being used, but too darn heavy to remove). I didn't do anything with the ceiling tiles that are up there now since I'm guessing they are asbestos.

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