Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hershey Chocolate Wreath & Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Hershey Kiss WreathHere are a couple of small things I made. The Hershey Kiss wreath was made with a foam circle from the dollar store which I sliced in half (like a bagel), wrapped around it with aluminum foil, and hot glued Kisses to it beginning with green and adding silver and red randomly. I saw several of these in magazine ads for Hershey Kisses. This only took like 15 minutes to make.

Wine Bottle Gift BagThe wine bottle gift bag is from a pattern sent to me via .doc file from a gal on the Knittinghelp forum (yes I'm a geek). I should have used a thinner yarn as the pattern calls for in retrospect, but my bag will probably suit a champagne bottle just fine! LOL

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