Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flower Garden Square

[40sts x 64 rows; good]

Looking at the pattern I’m thinking that to get it to fit into a 9” square I need to have a 2 st selvage on each side and work the pattern over the 36 sts between. So I’ll be casting on 40sts. And looks like I’ll work the rows like this:

I’ll work 8 rows before and after the pattern and for the pattern I’ll work 1-24 twice.

An interesting pattern, but I’m not sure about having those long strands for the leaves just hanging there. An enjoyable pattern to knit though. Plus I could have done a better job thinking out the top and bottom border to square it up to 9". I think seed stitch would have worked well or just plain rev stockinette.

This pattern is a section of the Tree of Life Afghan. The pattern can be found here.

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