Saturday, January 10, 2009

Plans to Build a Beer Pong Table

Yes, that's right. A beer pong table to entertain our guests on Jan 24 since DH volunteered to host an overnight party at our house. Anyway, I decided to make the beer pong table to fit over our regular pool table mostly because I didn't want the drunks setting their beers on my pool table felt! Oh come on... you know it would happen.


Build a folding table top out of 4'x8' birch plywood using piano wire to hinge it. Seal the underside and the exposed edges of the plywood. Attach some beer catching edging at each end. Paint designs and attach printed designs on to table top. Polyurethane the top. Make a carry case with shoulder strap.

Whew! This will by far be my largest free standing wood project. I went to Lowe's and Home Depot and got what I think will be the necessary supplies to complete the project.

I'll have a series of posts here on my blog regarding this project... stay tuned.

In response to a question "Well, Have you made the table?", the answer is YES! It is totally sweet. Here my other blog posts on it since for some reason searching "beer table" in my search box isn't pulling them up.Go figure. Anyway...

I bought some strapping material from JoAnn's and a couple of those plastic buckles and fashioned a carry strap for it. Basically, it gets folded up into quarters then near each end a buckled strap goes around the it. I then clipped on a padded carry strap from a duffel bag I'm not using to the two straps. It is easily carried over my shoulder. Well, as easily as a four 2'x4' hinged pieces of plywood can be carried. For set up away from home I use two of those super lightweight sawhorses made out of plastic and two 2'x8' pieces of lumber that I hinged in the middle. I do need to use a couple shims on the reverse side of the hinges to keep it really straight. I also took out a couple grooved in the 2'x4's so the hinges lie in the groove.


Evan said...

Well? Have you made the table?

Marni said...

Yes, I added some additional information on this post!