Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to FL

This is Jim!
I took off to visit with my brother, Jim, in FL. It's sort of an annual beginning of the year event for me. I loaded up an entire suitcase of home canned goods and even brought a very old sewing machine on the plane with me as my carry on.

It was a good trip, unfortunately I'm still not up to doing much since the second surgery on my left knee but I did ride his bike quite a few times for short distances. Lance stayed there for like a week which was very cool of Jim to allow him to stay for such a long time.

Hmm since I'm regressing this information I'm trying to recall what all I did for two weeks! Other than wandering around on the bike, I sewed up a cover for Jim's office chair. That went pretty well. I did some knitting of course. And hung out by the pool a bit. I enjoyed picking fresh grapefruit and yes I brought back a ton of squeezed juice. I also brough back some kumquats from a tree at a house he was looking at to purchase. We also went out clubbing, which is always a must.

Jim and I met up with a couple of his girlfriends that were selling jewelry at dog rescue fair. I'm not sure how they fit together, but whatever. I bought a couple pairs of earrings and saw some cool purses made from cigar boxes.

Ok so for now that's all I can think of. If I run across more pictures as I'm updating this entry might change.

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