Thursday, July 30, 2009

Embossed Vine and Leaves Sampler Afghan Square

Embossed Vine and Leaves
[44sts x 60 rows]

Pattern: Embossed Vine

I think I figured out how to decrease the size of the hole on the left side of the leaves; on the last leaf of course. So to close that gap the YO are wrapped backward on rows 10, 12, 22 and 24.

There is a 10st selvage on each side of the pattern. The first of every row is slipped purlwise (SL1pw) and the last st of every row is purled. There are 4sts in seed st and 5 sts in the background st. So it is worked as:
Odd Rows (WS) SL1pw, K1, P1 (twice), K5, work pattern row, K5, P1, K1 (twice), P1
Even Rows (RS) SL1pw, K1, P1 (twice), P5, work pattern row, P5, P1, K1 (twice), P1

Work pattern rows with borders 13-24, then rows 1-24 twice.
BO knitwise

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