Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diamonds and Pearls Sampler Afghan Square

Diamonds and Pearls
[43sts x 60] Good

Pattern: Diamonds and Pearls

I worked this pattern once on the square with 16 sts on each side. Within those 16 sts I worked 1 set of Mini Cables on each side.

Work pattern rows as follows:

Odd Rows (RS) - SL1pw, K4, P5, cable pattern, P2, Diamond pattern, P2, cable pattern, P5, K4, P1
Even Rows (WS) - SL1pw, K9, cable pattern, K2, Diamond pattern, K2, cable pattern, K9, P1


CO 43
Work rows 1-20 of Diamonds and Pearls with cable and edging as described above (three times)
BO knitwise

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