Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tube Turning Video and the Weather

Here in Detroit the temperature hasn't risen above freezing since last Sunday's freakishly warm day of 46 degrees. Fortunately however, we haven't had any snow to speak of either which is generally the case when the temp drops so low. There is a bit of evidence of previous snowfalls tucked on the south side of houses here so it's very odd when we travel away from the city and see snowfall still covering the ground. This is one of the advantages of living in the city since the temperature is generally 4 degrees warmer in say a 12 mile radius based on my own experience of course. Rural areas are more like 7 degrees colder. Of course a few degrees only matters to outdoor-type people. People who work outside (me) and people who play outside (me). When the temp drops to zero for over a week is when I start complaining about it; until then I relish in knowing that soon Spring will be here.

My inside time recently has been designing coffee cup cozies, which I'm calling the "Java Jacket". Of course these can be found for sale at I've had fun coming up with different ideas on how to create them... now if I'd only sell one... just one... that's all I'm asking... LOL. Ok, good things come to those who wait right? No really, it's quite exciting to get a sale. I carefully package each item with tissue and/or wrapping paper and ribbon which is accompanied by a little freebie matchbook notepad and a coupon card for a discount on future purchases. I almost like packaging the item as much as making it!

That brings me to my latest video which explains how to turn a tube right-side out. This is something that can be very agitating to do unless you know just how to do it. Turning a tube with only one end open is pretty easy to figure out, but how do you turn a tube with two end open?!? Oh, don't even think that the method I've settle upon is the first method I tried. I'm a woman of experimentation and pretty much will keep trying new ways to do something until I've exhausted all angles that I can possibly come up with and the more economical and efficient method wins.

You're probably wondering how many different ways there could possibly be to turn a double open ended tube right-side out. Hmmph, I've tried at least 6 that I can think of and one of them involved a fishing lure weight. Ha ha ha. No really... it did. You'll like the method that I finally came up with. It's extremely simple, uses a household item, and shouldn't cost you a penny! So now finally... the video!

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