Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sewing Buttons with a Machine - Trick

No it's not a tutorial, but it is a trick! I certainly like any tip or trick that saves me time and/or annoyance and is something that I can remember.

Yesterday while sewing buttons on what seemed like an endless pile of Java Jackets, I discovered a very useful trick! I digress, two years ago I made a King size throw with blanket binding for our bed. It was during this huge, floor sprawling sewing adventure that I discovered the use of white glue with sewing. The stuff is great I simply put a little where I wanted to hold the blanket binding down and heated it with the iron to dry it. Boy was I glad I didn't replace that temporary hold glue from Joann's! This works the same way, except for the heat set of course.

Ah, now onto the story about the buttons. If you've ever put a button on using your sewing machine you probably experienced the annoyance of trying to keep the button where it's supposed to be while positioning it under the button foot right? ALAS, a tip to rid you of that annoyance! Quickly rub your button over a glue stick and stick it on the fabric. It dries super fast and is water soluble so if a little glue shows when your done just wet a rag or (your finger :)) and wipe it away! Brilliant! You'll probably have to unstick the buttons after sewing them on and you might have to wipe glue off your needle, but that's hardly a sacrifice considering the aggravation saving aspect.

IMO, a regular home/school/office glue stick can replace the more expensive temporary "fabric" glue any time.

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