Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let the Races and Walks Begin

This coming weekend is the Race for the Cure in Detroit. There is a HUGE turn out for this 5K walk/run with a sea of 30,000 some people wearing pink! What a site! One of my breast cancer donations I made with a portion of proceeds from my handmade "boob scarf" went to Amy's Army! GO AMY!

All over the country people are prepping for annual walks and runs. Some are short like Race for the Cure and others extend over several days like the infamous 3-Day walks. One of the teams from the Atlanta 2-Day has commissioned me to create 20 boob scarves for their team mates. This should be interesting to see :) I happily donated the $2 per scarf to their local cause down there. GO TEAM MOTO CREW!! I'm waiting on Moto Crew's final decision on their custom tag for the back of the scarf and in the meantime I snapped this photo of some of the materials that go into making and packaging my boob scarves.

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