Sunday, April 6, 2014

Marshmallow Peep Necklaces

Marshmallow Peep Necklace? Sure why not!

See "Final Project Notes" below for an easier approach to this!

I emptied the ink out of the shaft of a ball point pen (warm water, blowing, rubbing alcohol, run a string through many times to clear). The tip of the pen was tossed so all I'm dealing with is the empty plastic tube. In retrospect as I type this a hollow plastic coffee stir would have been much less trouble!

I heated up the plastic tube under hot water. I Pierced the head of the bunny with the warm plastic tube from ear to ear through the head. Keep the "hole in the head" high otherwise bunny tips forward.

With tube inserted, quickly run the string through the tube. Pull out tube leaving the string inside. The string stays clean (unlike using a needle to pull it through; that was a sticky mess). Tie the ends together. I used a 27" piece of black waxed cotton cord. I did a simple wrap around the back of the head as I felt it helped keep bunny upright a bit more.

I did try tying the cord into a noose, but bunny wasn't hanging correctly and I didn't want to get too elaborate with this project.

I want to thank all Peep bunnies for making great sacrifices for the success of this project.

(I wonder if these will sell on Etsy... LOL)

FINAL PROJECT NOTES: The "Peep Necklaces" were very successful. BUT, I did make a few changes in the way I did it (actually I changed almost everything!).

Peeps, waxed dental floss, iron , large darning needle, cutting board, knife, bowl of water, towel,

Step 1: Put your Peeps in the freezer
Step 2: Pull out 33" of floss (adult size) and iron it. Place an old towel down and set the iron to "silk". Iron the floss flat. Do not use a higher setting or the wax on the floss will melt. I did an entire cassette of floss then measured and cut.
Step 3: Thread your needle with a piece of floss. Do not tie into a circle.
Step 4: When your Peeps are frozen (1 hour?) Pull them out and lay them on a cutting board and separate by cutting between each Peep with a knife. Put all but 1 Peep back in the freezer.
Step 5: Run the needle and floss through the Peep and quickly pull the floss so it is even on both sides of the Peep.  Remove needle.
Step 6:  Tie the two ends of the floss to make a circle and trim the excess after the knot.

Use the water and the towel to clean your needle between each piercing. 

I made about 20 Peep Necklaces with yellow and pink Peeps.

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