Monday, January 15, 2007

First "medium long run" (MLR) - Week 2

Ooooh, that hurt.

My hands freezing despite my mitts. So I didn't start really feeling it until I passed 10 miles so that's kinda typical since that's my longest run so far for this training period. Conditions were damp. Wore, blue dolphin tights with snap up blue/white trim pants, fuscia sbra, orange ls shirt, reflective vest and mitts. Took a 9 min cold soak then heated back up for at least 15 mins in the hot tub.Right now (evening of run) I feel like I might very well be sore tomorrow.... we'll see. Oh and MB says it was 9.15 miles for an 8:57 average, but who's counting! Goal was to NOT run it at my normal pace so I did just fine with even the 9:15 for the 12 mile run. Of course I'm calling this a "long run" in my log because it IS for me. Holy crap, how long will it take before I build up my mileage and my long run becomes my medium long run?

I'm still hanging in there with the extra mileage. It has of course already ocurred to me that both of the last week's mileage is more miles than I've ever ran in a week. It's exciting! It's kinda fun! Oh ow, it hurts!

Weekly Mileage: 39.3
Year to Date: 78.2

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