Monday, January 8, 2007

"Turkey Dip"

I'm feeling much better after Wednesday's scare and after Cindy and ran way too far on Thursday. Today is fun running with a Heavy Load hash followed by Honest?John's yearly "Turkey Dip". I took some pictures but I was shivering so hard after the dip that they were all blurry. Oops.

The hash went fine and the beers were going down smoothly. I still didn't know what to think of myself of the other crazy people that were gathering at Honest?John's prior to the Turkey Dip on Belle Isle. What is all this nonesence? Oh just the usual swim across a canal and back in a Detroit park.... IN JANUARY!!!!! Without trying to recreate all the events lets just say that jumping into freezing cold water is freakin cold! The key is getting out of the wet clothes as quickly as possible. After the dip you actually feel warm; hard to imagine I know, but it's true. The blueness of your lips is a dead give away though that your body is not happy with what just happened. Will I do it again? Mmmm probably!

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