Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hurray for Florida - End of Week 6

Hallalula, I'm in FL!!! I arrived on Saturday and took Jim to not only his first hash with the TBH3 but a Red Dress Pub Crawl to boot. I'm sure his initial thoughts regarding the group was that they were a bunch of losers that liked to drink. So the latter is true... we're not all perfect :) He had such a good time with the TBH3 folks that he made a video of the stills from the event.

Sunday I ran a bit over 9 miles on Bayshore. Considering earlier this week I had to take an extra day off because of frost bite I was all over this warm temperture! It is SOOO nice to be wearing shorts and a sport bra. Then later that evening we went to Georgie's Alabi for a late evening of dancing.

Weekly total: 28.2
Yearly total: 222.5

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