Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can you fit anymore?

So I arrive this morning at work expecting my truck to be loaded and ready to go especially after Randy's brief 8:55 PCM of "It's light out there; have a good day" comment. I'm sure the 8:45 guys got the real PCM, but I'm getting use to the abridged version for the 4 later starting drivers.

Nope, not loaded. In fact it won't fit. Where's Jason, my usual loader? MIA I guess. The PT sup says 1) make it fit or 2) he has to bring it out in his car. LOL, like that's a choice... bring it out dude. Not like 452 packages would normally fit on any 10-cube anyway. He jams one more 68# package in the front on top of an already sad looking "Jack House" which is very squishy and in desperate need of tape. Oh this is gonna be ugly....

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