Friday, June 1, 2007

I really don't need a lunch buddy

So I stop today at my usual place for lunch. Since I deliver in the no-man's land a sport park is the best I can do. Hey, at least there's running water 8 months out of the year. Anyway, Wally, who introduced himself yesterday and *graced* me with his presense during my 50 minutes of solitude from everything work related including its customers, stopped by again. "I was just on my way home and thought I'd pop in and see if you were here." He says. Did I ask for a lunch buddy? Did I do something other than not get up and leave yesterday when he decided to park it at the picinic table with me for 40 of my 50 minute time out from work? No. I did not. Why me. If we were to happen to cross paths from time to time at the park it would be no big deal; it is a big park and it is a public place after all. But this is way beyond that; the man is seeking me out for Pete's sake! Is this stalking? Should I be leery? This lunch spot is crème de la crème with it's fine seating (picnic table) and plush lav (brick restroom facility). I'm NOT being chased out for pursuit of short-term solitude. So after pursuing me in the park he says, "you don't mind do you?" What can I say that will be within work's guidelines to answering this loaded question without getting in deep dooda. "Well, this is my down time to relax," I tell him. So instead of taking my hint that I don't really want to be bugged, Wally plops his butt down on the picnic table to again intrude upon my little luxury of time I get to lose myself in knits and purls. I tried to drown him out and concentrate on the thumb portion of the mitten I'm currently knitting while adding an "mm-hmm" here and there and very light comments on what every idiot thing he's muttering about. "Look there's a Novi cop in the parking lot. Oh, now he's leaving. Look, he's driving fast... he must have gotten a call." Oiy. He must be a lonely married man to want to sit with a silent knitter on a picnic table in practically the middle of a soccer field. If he comes by tomorrow I'll have to be more convincing that I don't want him as a lunch buddy.

So here's my progress on the thumb of the first mitten. This pattern is called "Mittens for Me" which I found on a blog called "Dropped A Stitch". I had to frog the thumb I did today due to the Wally distraction.

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