Saturday, June 9, 2007


It's so hard to write something that seems appropriate that really sums up the moment. So I'll just type and maybe it will make sense. If I had to pick just one word I think it would be 'emptyness'. A hush is upon my house and my soul. What was once is no more. There is a void where their used to be substance. A sigh of breath, the clicking of paws and stirring are replaced with movement of the curtain as the wind gently blows it to and fro. I feel like my hearing is exaggerated like my focus for sound now wanders beyond the floor beneath my feet and I hear the rustle of the trees and a bouncing basketball nearby; these things I've noticed before but never as key elements as I sit here at my office desk. Areas of the house that were once occupied at various times never will be again... it's a strange realization. This void of familiarty makes my chest feel heavy. Emptyness.

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