Thursday, August 2, 2007

Travel Pillow Design Update...

Yes that's right. Can you believe that everything I attempt isn't perfect on the first try? ;-) Well. Actually the design is the same but I did smooth out that jagged part where I cut the top long edge mostly because the line wasn't noticeable in the finished product anyway. I did however change the order in which it's assembled. I found that by sewing up the middle two seams that create the 2 separate pillows first while leaving an opening at the top of each was much much easier to handle than stuffing then trying to sew up the middle. I'd post a picture, but it really isn't exciting.

So here are the steps:
1. Cut 2 like pieces 11x12 or so.
2. Cut the edges so they're tapered a little and cut a dip into the top and bottom long edges (think dog bone shape)
3. With right sides together, sew around but leave about a 3-4" access hole at the top of each pillow.
5. Turn pillow right side out and poke out all the corners.
4. Sew 2 seams down the middle exactly 1" off center each way (so there's 2" total between the seams).
5. Stuff each pillow
6. Turn in and sew shut the 2 pillow openings.

It's that easy!

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