Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mesquite, Nevada (Aug 3-11)

Wow, I probably should have blogged while I was on vacation... but I didn't so now I'll try to sum it up in one little ole paragraph.

With the knee injury preventing me from doing all the fun things I normally would do it there isn't quite as much to tell.

We arrived Friday afternoon and all went great with our travels and the pillows worked great too! Despite the problems that Northwest had been having they were right on time with no major snafu's. And we just LOVED the new car rental port in Nevada with ONE (yes ONE and only ONE) bus that picks you off and then drops you at your respective rental car company. Ahh so much easier! It does get a little interesting though when someone in their personal car somehow makes it into the check out line which requires the scanning of a bar code to exit though *-P We quickly settled into our timeshare, had dinner, went shopping for some food items. It was a rather quite evening and we were both pretty tired at an early hour.

Saturday we messed around for a while and decided to go to the Las Vegas hash which started at 5:30. We both had a great time and really enjoyed the differences of our two "kennels". The hash was laid in what appeared to be sort of a desert wasteland with a marshy area and we followed a set of train tracks for quite a ways. I didn't get to see a lot of the trail since I was lagging behind, but Dave had a really great time and even ran back with another hasher to explore the tunnel that they'd missed. The ceremonies were quite entertaining and were held within a flour circle in this desert wasteland. After we went for food and wound up staying at a hashing couple's house. I still have to send them a thank you card for that.

Sunday we recovered a bit and decided to go to the movies rather than golf as was originally planned. We saw "Hot Rod" which was sort of a stupid comedy about this young man that says he's a stunt man, but can't really jump anything. In the end of course he makes a jump that beats anything Evil ever did.

Monday and Tuesday we golfed.

Wednesday we took a trip up to Kolob Canyon which is part of Zion. We wanted to make the hike to see the "arch" which is one of the longest arches in the world but I just wasn't up for a 15 mile hike. We did make it out about 5 miles though to a mountain pond with a few cool points with rushing water between the rocks. I took a dip in the cool water while Dave watched to make sure the snake I'd just seen stayed put. We got pretty burnt and I was sore the next day. The knee actually didn't feel too bad though surprisingly.

Thursday we golfed then spent the evening with our neighboring time share holders from Rochester, NY. We had been talking to via balcony almost every day. They were very nice people and were actually there with a couple from Missouri they'd met when they were in Mesquite back in January.

Friday we leisurely packed up hit the hot tub one last time, golfed again then headed down to Vegas for our 10pm flight. Despite the time difference putting our arrival time at 5am our time in MI the flight was pleasant and we were both able to catch some Z's on the way.

Individually speaking, Dave ran a couple of times and I knitted almost every day. The sun comes up pretty early there so I could usually be found on the balcony by no later than 5:30 in the morning.

That's the "Cliff note" version anyway.

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