Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Week in the Life of a Dieter

Yes, that's right. I'm officially dieting (aka watching what I eat). I was feeling extremely pudgy following the Nevada trip followed by the "Busted Cherry" hash which kicked off the brand new Cherry Capitol Hash House Harriers organization in Traverse City. So I decided it was time to put down the cookies and muffins for a while and reach for something a just a wee bit healthier. Sunday night I weighed in at a whopping 139.8!!!!! OH MY!

This week's menu has been sort of like:
Breakfast: 20 ounce Smoothie (strawberries, pineapple, banana, yogurt, milk, OJ, 2 scoops of protein whey in the blender)
Lunch: Another 20 ounce smoothie, a baggie of baby carrots, a peach, a spring mix salad with a few raisins and water-diluted light vinegrette dressing.
Dinner: 6 oz of meat (chicken, steak, 2 slices of pizza one night), a small serving of whatever side and then a vege with NO butter. Ok, I lied I stole a couple buttery green beans off Dave's plate once.

That's kind of been it. No desert........ that's a real bummer. BUT tonight I weighed in at 134.5! :D

The knitting projects are coming along. I'm probably 1/2 the way through the second skein for the "Falling Leaves" scarf and just about to start the black bone in the dog sweater. The tomato plants are spitting out ripe toms left and right and this weekend might be salsa weekend if I find some deals at Eastern Market. Mostly though this week has been playing catch up on stuff after the vacation.... I've been working a lot of hours this week too.

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