Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Knee, The Knee, The Knee....

So I haven't had much to say about the knee so far. I've been busying myself with other things like making costume pieces for DWD (which I'll share and discuss soon). I woke this morning with a gloomy feeling... unsure of what to do with myself. I had the arthroscopic surgery with Dr Anderson on Thursday morning. I don't think it went as well as he or I had planned. A few reasons for thinking that. 1) After surgery Dr Anderson came in to the recovery room and said "it was pretty bad in there." 2) Something still doesn't feel right 3) not that I really know what I'm looking at but the picture from inside my knee looked really really bad. I showed the picture to a DWD runner who said he was an ortho and he pointed out a lateral and medial tear, and arthritis on the condyle (end of the bone). He mentioned the ACL but didn't have anything to say about it in regard to injury. I scanned my scope pictures and uploaded it to imageshack. Here's the link. Now like I said, I don't what I'm looking at but I can definitely see the tears and am very sure that fraying stuff shouldn't be there.

Feels like: Despite the medial pain being gone there seems to be a bit of instability issue and wiggle room in the knee. No, I haven't been testing it out, but on occasion I will accidentally drag it on something (ie trip over it) and it will pull the knee sideways and it feels funky. Also it feels like there's some sort of clunking going on at the lateral side now. AND on top of that the funny pulling feeling on the posterior lat side of knee is still bothersome as is the funny pain that I feel up into my butt.

That all being said, I won't know anything more until I meet with Dr Anderson again on the 17th and I'm going to try to keep positive thoughts! I guess I'll have to start going back to the Y to keep myself mentally healthy in the meantime.

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