Friday, December 21, 2007

As Christmas nears...

Today is Christmas eve and normally my DH and I would be spending the evening with his Aunt and Uncle, but there's been a death of a loved one in their family. His Uncle's mom has past. I suppose it is a bit of a relief since she has been suffering from Alzheimers for several years now and had worsened with each passing day. She was a proud woman and a great soloist. It's always sad to see someone stripped of their passions of life by a disease such as this. Our thoughts are with them this eve of Christmas.

I've been working on the re-gifting of the baby blanket that was suppose to be done in October. Other than taking a few final photos I'm officially finished; although I had contemplated trying to duplicate stitch some different color yarn over the moon and stars. That thought past quickly as I've really had enough of this project. It did turn out fabulous though! Will post photos soon. So setting that project aside I've picked up my firery dragon scarf which I intend to gift to my nephew tomorrow which brought me to the computer to figure out exactly what dragon teeth are supposed to look like. I hope he likes it... it is cute!

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