Sunday, December 16, 2007


So today I'm officially "over the hill". Hmm. I don't feel old. Well, not really. I was a little concerned when just yesterday while getting ready for the annual Christmas white elephant gift exchange and feast and found THREE grey hairs while blow drying my hair. Why now? Probably because I don't blow dry often. Solution to getting rid of them? Pluck them out of course! Future solution?.... throw the blow dryer away! What other rational solution would an aging women come up with.

Like I said, I don't feel older. Though I'm still not back to running really after that knee surgery; however, I am now able to swim 30 laps at one time without stopping and provided I'm not on a time restraint I can do it without much effort. Thoughts of participating in a Tri have entered my head on more than one occasion now. I would have to do some open water swimming of course before hand, build up my mileage from 10 minutes to at least 1 hour and maybe borrow a bike... then again what's wrong with my comfort bike? Don't all "old ladies" ride one of those?

I pondered for a short moment on my life and was actually upset for a brief moment that my mother who gave me up for adoption when I was very young then found me again in 1996 and who then disappeared again hasn't been in contact with me in years now nor sent a card from some unknown town to wish me a happy 40th birthday. The weird thing is I'm still in contact with my Grandmother, who isn't doing very well right now, and sort with my mother's siblings... but not with my mother. It's not that I don't think she thinks of me and in some ways I see myself doing just what she does though not at the extreme at which she does it. I guess what I'm saying is that even though I think about people that are a part of my family, I should make more of an effort to make them part of my family. I could never be one of those people that calls their family every week or anything, but contact them more often. For instance, it's just as much my fault as it is my SIL that I don't go to any of my nieces' or nephew's events (choir, little league stuff) since as much as she doesn't make the effort to invite me, I don't make the effort to invite myself. I always think that they think I live too far away to just stop by, but shoot I can certainly make and would like to make it to at least a few events each year. Then again maybe we can just start with getting a school picture every year. Ok, I'm depressing myself now.

So I looked into the mirror this morning and asked the reflection "Do I look like a forty year old woman?" To which I replied to myself after a brief examination of fine lines and now greyless hair, "Yep, you could be a forty year old, but you still look better than most forty year olds," then when happily on about my day.

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