Sunday, January 27, 2008

I have a warped pinkie

I've been working on my work glittens as you can see by the posts below and have been trying to learn to knit with the yarn held more over my knuckles rather than in my palm. This method does seem like it would give me better tension because the index finger is used to maneuver the yarn while the middle finger minds the stitch being knit into. If I wrap the yarn around my pinkie finger it causes way too much twisting of the yarn; if I just hold it between my ring and pinkie fingers I can only get about 3 stitches done before it just slips out. Now I normally knit without wrapping the yarn around my pinkie so I couldn't quite figure it out. I'm still a little perplexed BUT I did discover something that could vastly affect future knitting difficulties; my pinkie finger is warped and barely rests against my ring finger! Yep, that will definitely cause the yarn to slip out. Maybe I need a little pinker glove to fill in the gap er somethin.

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