Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Glitten Progress and Video link

Glitten KAL Videos - The Stitches & The Pattern

Video 5 is long and I'm a bit off centered in quite a few parts, but there's definitely enough information there that you don't have to wonder if you're doing it correctly; after all I've already done the trial and error!

Video 6 shows how to increase for the gusset which starts at Row 4. I decided that I like M1R and M1L better than the simple k1f&b as the pattern says to do because (to me) it hides the color change better.

Video 7 works Row 19 showing how to get stitches off the dpn and onto a waste yarn then how to cast on 13 stitches using the backward loop (or simple) cast on.

Video 8 shows the waste yarn being knitted across the palm in Row 22 and Video 9 shows how to continue to knit after adding the waste yarn.

Video 10 A-C shows how to do the SSK and K2Tog decreases from each of the 4 decreasing points per row. The 4 decreases are worked over 10 rows thus you decrease from 54 stitches down to 14 stitches.

Video 11-A & B shows the kitchener stitch to close up the top of the mitten and weaving in the yarn end.

I've just completed the mitt part of my glitten. It's a bit big but I'll just shrink it a little bit since it's wool and it should be fine.

I did notice that the part where the letters are I knitted tighter which I thought was going to be a problem but turns out that it actually looks way better than the rest of the glitten because I can see the weavig through the other parts. The tops stitches still look ok though.

Here's what they look like so far!

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