Saturday, March 22, 2008

ET Egg is done...

ET Egg

Experiment: Make characters out of dyed eggs.
Rule #1 don't drop the egg or they will crack and crack won't dye correctly (see line near cup).

This little guy went through this process: Here's my link "How To: Blow the yolk out of an egg"

1. Blow yolk out of egg by tapping large pin through both top and bottom then make bottom hole bigger; I use a dremmel tool. Clean out the egg thoroughly and let dry.
2. Hot glue the ends closed.
3. Dye egg. This will require weighing the egg down because now it floats. I used a small snifter glass.
4. Pat dry egg.
5. For this guy I shined him up with a polyurethane spray. I hot glued a toothpick into the bottom to use to hold and dry the egg.
6. Carefully poke a couple holes into the egg and insert the pipe cleaners. Hot glue the antennas in place.
7. Glue on the eye
8. Paint on the mouth; but don't use water-based paint. I actually used a fabric paint.
9. I used an emptied tea light holder for this guy which is pretty fitting for this theme.

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