Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hash #1001: The Fat Boy

The morning sun ripping through the curtains woke me bright and early at 9AM. I gathered my thoughts for a moment, studied the room to assess whether or not the lumps under the covers were the people that were suppose to be there. They were; which made the morning a little bit easier. I quietly announced the time and that they had an hour to get to the Fat Boy; there were a lot of groans which followed as you can imagine. Everyone russled out of bed and actually packed up in time to get to the Fat Boy where I had flat pancakes and a Bloody Mary followed up with beer. I actually felt really good considering I was on a mission last night to finish off all the pudding shots! We did a circle up which consisted of a seriously brutal naming of Just Anna to 2Drunk2Fuck then we played an intense game of hash kickball on very soggy terrain. Forgetting that it was my 17th year analversary earned me a dousing of beer on my head by my DH, Diaper Rash. We laughed and drank and had a lot of fun. We went inside and laughed some more, people left and yet we laughed and drank some more. At about 7PM with sore abs from laughing so hard Easy, Heavy, Mother, Sex, Diaper, and I left Self-Rising and Ineeda Morehead. It was a good day.

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