Saturday, March 29, 2008

100th HASH!

Wow, the 1000th hash for MoTown Ann Arbor. Fortunately I didn't feel too bad after last night's pub crawl but I did have to start the morning pretty earlier because I told Diaper that I'd help him and his running partners (also hashers) with their water stops. So I checked in at the hotel while Diaper, Used Virgin, 2Drunk2Fuck and Pennsil went off for their 15 mile run before the hash. Yes, worthy of a down-down, but such a repeated event I don't nobody cares anymore. Anyway, I met up with them at a designated point at mile 5 where they would run by twice on their out and back route.
The hash was super. OMG, Coxcycle did a fabulous job with the trail, there was lots of beer, lots of shiggy, a beautiful day. I know that a lot of other people put in a lot of work to pull it all off too, but rather than even attempting to name names with individual thanks I'll just say: YOU GUYS ROCK!! Seriously though, was there a hang up? It all seemed super smooth to me. There was plenty of beer and for some reason those pudding shots were the best thing on the planet! That being said, things had gotten fuzzy again. I was fortunate to catch the mini-van shuttle with 11 other hashers and the driver; thanks for the lift Beat Em Off! I hope your shocks are ok! When we got back we found that we could still get into the hashpitality suite where I finished off more beer and pudding shots, laughed and passed out. I know I passed out because there's a very good picture of it. Oh and that's Sleeps in Her Sister's Bed passed out with me. There were two lumps on each bed and I could see that Used Virgin was in one of them; to the other bed I called out... "Anna?" A pouting reply immediately resonated through the room; "Jesus wouldn't make out with me!" OMG, too funny. Seems she was even too drunk for a fellow out of town hasher to fool around with. An act well deserving of a name.

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