Friday, March 28, 2008

Pre-Pre Lube: An Unofficial Hash

What a weekend! Damn It, Sharin' and I started out Thursday night prior to the 1000th hash by mixing up pudding shots. We pretty much started off with a short trip to the local Kroger store for Jello brand pudding rather than the Kroger brand we started with after Sharin', being the experienced pudding shot maker and declared the Kroger brand to not be working right. While at Kroger we hit the jackpot with 75% Easter goodies and we each took home several bags of stuffed with marshmallow and chocolate treats, stuffed Peeps and Peeplings, and even Easter pop-up noise makers. Oh what joy! There were a few tense moments along the way, but we did get 300 pudding shots made up and stacked in the freezer. Damn It filled up the last 20 after purchasing more lids the next day giving us 320 pudding shots! Yeah! We took turns sucking the left overs from the zip lock baggies and licking the spatula. Mmmm. The weather had taken a turn for the worse and we happily accepted Damn It's invite to stay overnight.

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