Friday, March 28, 2008

Hash #999: The Pre-Lube

Ah, a pub-crawl from Damn It's house which started out with maybe 20 hashers who walked and autohashed to the first bar, Sneakers, where we met up with many more hashers. It seemed like everyone was having a great time there and we certainly couldn't complain about the price of the beer which we were consuming at a rapid pace. We had well exceeded the time that we were supposed to be at the first bar, but many hashers seemed content to hang back and watch the basketball games while a small pack of us went ahead to scout out the trail. Hmm, bar #2, The WAB, appeared to be closed or having a private party; I never did hear the whole story on that as we pushed forward another block to the next bar, The Post. Here we found a semi-circle table reserved for us and a pretty empty establishment. It was early though and The Post is notorious for filling up later in the eve. They made a deal with Damn It for $7 pitchers and the game was on the big screen so we sent a smaller pack back to the first bar to round up the kennel. Ah alas most of the hashers arrived shortly later. It didn't have quite the accommodating seating arrangement as the first bar, but everyone managed just fine. It wasn't long before the hashers took over the railed-off, elevated, dance platform with drunken dancing and harriette to harriette bust to bust and butt to butt rubbing and soon some of the drunken, dancing, male hashers joined in the fun. The events of the evening rapidly became fuzzier and fuzzier as the night went on; this seems to be a repeat pattern for me. Back at Damn It's I apparently passed out on/over Sleeps; I'm still awaiting pictures to surface of that one. Sleeps kindly pushed 2 chairs together for me to finish my slumber but for some reason I got up at who know what time and attempted to share the couch with Flasher and Slapper. It didn't take long to discover that this L shaped couch was going to cause problems for Blue-balls Slapper and I. Seems that Slapper has a problem with her footsies touching somebody else's and kept knocking mine off the couch. So it was funny at first, then I decided to find somewhere else to sleep and crawled into bed with Pennsil and Sharin'. Thanks again, Damn It, for letting me crash at your place 2 nights in a row!

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