Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Sewn Radiator Cover

bathroom radiator right

I've had the radiator in the bathroom covered for some time now with a "top" and fabric basically draped over it and decided that I needed something more fitted and nicer looking. I changed the top a little bit from an oval to this top that's more square with rounded edges and glued a strip of hook and loop tape around the top edge of the board. Using this tutorial, I sewed up a lined bottom skirt and sewed on the matching hook/loop tape to the top of it. It's a perfect fit, but in honesty could be just a smidge shorter. I than made a nice lined top piece for it. While there could be some improvement on the shape of the items I sewed they both came out looking great! I'm quite pleased.

I used this web page to aid me in sewing the lining.

bathroom radiator left bathroom radiator close

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