Monday, April 28, 2008

A Shot in the Butt

I had a procedure done in hopes of curing me of my pain in my right leg. The procedure was an Ultra-Sound Guided cortisone injection into the Piriformis muscle. For those not familiar, the piriformis is the muscle that you can feel right about where the bottom of your back pocket would be; unless of course you're much younger than I and prefer to wear your pants around your knees. My pain symptoms? Major pain in the hip/butt are when leaning forward. Major pain in the hip/butt/ and down the leg to the outer knee when rotating the foot. Excruciating pain when seated and attempt to rotate at the hip. Cause: Flying Freeda out of the seat of my truck where by I extended the knee while twisting and falling forward at the hip. It wasn't pretty.

Previous Diagnosis from Ultra Sound: Hamstring Tendonitis at the iscial tuberosity. That's basically the bone that you sit on; in other words inflammation of the hamstring where it meets your butt crease. That spot is also known as the "insertion" point of the hamstring.

MRI: In my world it didn't look to me like the report much of anything, but Dr. Moeller whom I was referred to told me it was Piriformis Syndrome. In real words that means constant inflammation of the hamstring where your hamstring meets your butt crease
Diagnosis after the second ultra sound and the injection:
Medial and Distal tears to the Biceps Femoris Hamstring. What's that mean? Basically that when I fell over that pop feeling in my butt was my hammy ligament pulling off the bone. YIKES.
What do I do now? I dunno. As far as I know there's nothing that can be done for the torn hamstring other than rest it and progressively strengthen it. I asked if the hamstring had reattached and they said it did, but they don't reattach where they're supposed to be. However, so far it feels far, far better than it has felt in a long, long time.

I'm feeling very emotional today, because I know that this might not last and I don't want to revert to feeling pain with every movement. So I'm trying to take it easy and not over stress it and let the cortisone do it's thing. I put in a call to Dr. Anderson's office to see if there's anything more they can tell me about this injury.

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