Monday, May 12, 2008

The best day I've had in months!

I woke this morning thinking that I did feel better; this has often proven to be false hope since later in the day PT proves that I'm not as recovered as I'd like to be which leads me into some huge emotional roller coaster. Today was different though. I went to PT and did all my exercises without too much discomfort. Pulling myself around the room on the rolling chair usually aggravates the crap out of my hamstring and even though last week this was easier there was a lot of pulling feeling; today... just felt like a workout without the extremes. The sideways rubber band walks usually hurt to bend forward and even though there was a tad of pulling it was nothing like I've experienced in the past.
It's now been two weeks since the injection.
Feeling so well, I decide to go to the Y and though I'd originally planned on swimming I decided to dedicate the day to working out instead. I started with running on the track and made it 9 laps which is about 3/4 mile until I felt a bit of a sharp pain in the area; I of course stopped as soon as I felt it. I then did some roll outs on the ball and there was no pain... weakness yes, but not pain. Then I did some good mornings and squats. The squats felt weird and I wondered about my form. I did 15 walking lunges then headed over to the weight equipment where everything felt way better than it did last week. I did all the leg exercises including the "butt kickers" after which is when I decided I'd continue on with weight workouts and save swimming for tomorrow.

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