Monday, May 12, 2008

Gnaw Bone 2008

Gnaw Bone results were great! Dave won again and shaved like 1/2 hour off last year's time. He says he was doing much better until he bonked out there and made it into the next aid station where we lounged for about 1/2 hour and ate 2 PBJs and what not. I didn't see him at that station because I was catching up with Katie and Anna at another. Katie and Anna got lost on the first leg turning a 6.5 mile leg into a 9 miler then after asking for directions and discovering they were further away from the start than they started got a ride in. They then had Randy drive them to the first leg. To put things into perspective; Dave left the first aid station at 7:20 after a change of shoes and Katie and Anna left at 8:25 after changing shoes... oops. I was glad to see them though! Katie and Anna made up a substantial amount of time during the rest of the race but apparently they took a little too long at the first few aid stations because they kept passing the same people. This is of course something you learn what you need as you come in, get it, and go. Somewhere in the last leg Katie went ahead of Anna and got lost again, but only for like a 1/2 mile off course; this gave Anna enough time to get ahead of her. Anna came in second woman after a pretty intense run against another female who finished 45 seconds after her. Katie arrived a couple minutes later she was 4th woman and 2nd in her age group. There are some pictures up now. EDIT: I uploaded my pictures and video to photobucket. There two ways to view them. 1. The Remix slideshow this is the same thing that's posted here on the 13th. 2. The Photobucket album (these might not be in chronological order.. OH MY!)

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