Monday, May 5, 2008

Flying Pig Cincinnati Marathon Results

It was a gorgeous day for the 10th Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon and Half Marathon. This is the third year in a row that the temperature has not been a big factor and the sun has shown quite brightly. Of course it would have been better if I actually ran it, but I'm still recovering. I did take my bike and attempt to offer support to the runners but that didn't work out very well since the course is rather hilly and climbs up to the furthest point out; the return trip is much easier. :) Well I decided that I would take a different route in attempt to keep my bike off the runner's course and in doing so I believe I found the biggest hills in Cincinnati. I mean I knew Observatory Road would be high, but there were ridiculously steep hills and several times I walked my bike up. Was all this biking a good idea? No, but I actually don't feel sore from it as I thought I would and I don't feel like I jeopardised my recovery. Perhaps it was even good for me. Here are the results for most of the runners that I know: Half Marathon
Doug 1:33:14
Lance 1:34:24
Ann 1:49:39
Angela 2:03:54
Yvette 2:04:21
Kelly 2:40:22
Marathon- the course was stated to be .27 miles long and the times will be readjusted to reflect an exact marathon distance of 26.2 miles
Ken 3:16:50
David 3:25:33
Doug took 1st in his age group. Lance did not place in the Clydesdale division and we've been hearing about it; he's adamant that it's because they did not have a weigh in at the expo and went on the honor system. Granted Lance ran the best race he's ever run at the Pig, but you never know who will show up especially as word of mouth travels about the Clydesdale division invoking more runners to register for it. Ken ran a spectacular race although he did not BQ. Dave decided to have fun on the course where he ran a good race and yet managed to have some beer, Mimosa, breakfast, and collected items such as a pirate hat, lei, and beads. It's very strange that I can't paste the html for a slideshow into my blogger and have it work, but I can add it from photobucket; once added from photobucket however I cannot edit the posting what-so-ever.

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