Thursday, May 1, 2008

A New Tubular Cast-On or a Re-invented Figure 8 Cast-on???

Ok, so I'm surfing the net looking for a good video on the tubular cast on which, by the written instructions that I was looking at is supposed to begin with a backward loop cast on. Anyway that's beside the point because I didn't find anything like that. I did however find this handy cast on the "Judy Becker Magic Cast-On. I'll have to put this in my list of knit tricks because it certainly seems to resemble the figure 8 cast on with out all the fuss of the extra loose needles. Take a look knitters and see what you think. I have to warn you that I find the lady demonstrating to be a little bit annoying; but she does get her point across.

I've decided that this cast on is not going to help me in my exploration of double knitting. Tsk Tsk cause it casts on so quickly. I think it would be more useful for a toe or top of hat much like the figure 8, there aren't many uses for it. Next I'm looking at the provisional cast on.

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