Friday, September 12, 2008

Chocolate Rum Dessert

Today, Dave had his running buddies, Ken, Lance and Anna over for a speed workout, hot tub, dinner and beer; a usual Thursday night at our house minus a couple of the runners this time due to prior commitments and what not. Anyway, this is Lance's birthday week so I asked him what kind of dessert he'd like for after dinner. He didn't indicate a specific dessert rather that he'd prefer nothing with coconut or nuts and that anything with rum has got to be good.

I went to work Googling for a rum dessert. The very first thing that pulled up was a "Chocolate Rum Dessert" on Recipe Zaar. I quickly scanned the ingredients and determined that I already had all the stuff to make this. Sweet! I pretty much followed the directions, but I swapped dark rum for light, I doubled the recipe and I accidentally didn't add the chocolate slowly to the egg mixture rather dumped it in which might have affected the consistency just a little bit. Anyway, I mixed it up as otherwise directed and distributed the double batch into 5 glass bowels since most "serving sizes" are ridiculously small. They then went into the refrigerator. I wanted to use fancier stemmed glasses, but the refrigerator is so full of beer from last weekend and the new stuff that was brought tonight that I couldn't possibly had gotten the taller glasses in so I settled for small glass bowels.

Prior to serving I topped the pudding like mixture with a dollop of whipped cream from the container and a few of the chocolate curls that I learned how to make just for this project. The homemade chocolate rum puddings were a hit. We sent Anna home with one, but I haven't heard her thoughts on it yet. I would definitely use my little bitty 1 cup glass bowels next time since the porportions were actually too big fixed as an 8 serving batch distributed into just 5 bowels.

To make the chocolate curls set a milk or white chocolate bar out and in a semi warm place for about an hour; NOT a hot spot, but warm. I warmed my chocolate bar by setting the unwrapped bar on a plate on the counter in front of a window with diffused sunshine coming through. The bar should not be melted, just a little flexible. Then take a piece of aluminum foil and hang it over the edge of your counter so like 6" is overhanging and crease the foil on the edge of the counter. Curl the foil hanging over the edge slightly up to catch the curls as you make them. Next the fun part! Take your dry vegetable peeler and with the long edge of the chocolate bar overhanging the counter a little bit peel off a piece of chocolate on an angle and let it fall into the foil catch below. Wallah! Very presentable chocolate curls ready to decorate any decadent dessert!
This recipe was easy to make and tasted great!

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