Friday, September 12, 2008

The Results are in...

I picked up my MRI results today. I was nervous to open the envelope containing the Radiologists impressions of the scan of my left knee from Tuesday. Two things are going to happen. One is the report will say the MRI was normal in which case I'll be bewildered and stunned at what could possibly be causing my pain. I do know that MRIs are not perfect and there could be something going on that simply does not show up. Or the MRI is going to say there is a tear to my meniscus. It couldn't possibly be anything other than that since it just feels exactly like the two tears I've had before. Symptoms include:
  • Isolated pain directly on the medial side of the knee joint (inside, sort of near the rear)
  • Pain and stiffness after exercising but no real bother while performing the exercise
  • Pain while walking down hills
  • Pain when walking fast
  • Inability to squat fully
  • Pain when sitting on the floor with legs extended and relaxed and the left foot falls away from perpendicular to my knee
  • And the most indicative indication that it is a torn meniscus is the jabbing/stabbing pains that I'll get while walking, sitting in a normal position, and disturbed sleep due to the jabs.

A drum roll please..... And the winner is... a horizontal tear in the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. Just as I suspected.

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