Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Haphazard explanation of Bear #6 - double knitting

Not that it matters, but I started by casting on one foot and double knit (DK) both the front and backs at the same time which basically creates a tube so long as you twist your yarns on the ends. Normally when you DK you will move both yarns forward and knit with the "front" yarn then move both yarns back and purl the "back" yarn so basically you make stockinette on each side. However, that's a lot of moving the yarn so if you hold just one yarn to the front and one yarn to the back and begin with a purl stitch then a knit stitch essentially you are doing inside out stockinette so when I look at my hands I'm working 40 stitches on two needles that make up the 20 stitches for the front and the 20 stitches for the back and they alternate every other stitch; there are two working yarns that straddle my working needle- one yarn for the front and one yarn for the back. It's kind of the same as double knitting by using the knit one slip one method, but much faster cause you don't waste your time slipping stitches. For the feet I had to alternate every other row with so purls were facing out; oh I'm making this too confusing. Basically I double knit a tube inside out then flipped the darn thing right side and slip the stitches to dpns to work the sweater then "flattened" the circle and slipped one st from the front and one from the back onto the circular needles again to knit the head. I then picked up and knit the arms, stuffed him, grafted the head closed, sewed up the ears and embroidered the face. Every bear gets a scarf too! Perhaps I'll do a video showing the double knit inside out thing. ;-P

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